It’s amazing what emerges from researching our state’s 100 year history of the 19th Amendment! While looking through old manuscripts about the founding of AAUW in Missouri, Ellen Irons discovered that our AAUW Missouri history was a little incomplete. She checked with Jane Biers, our State Historian, and discovered that the St. Louis Branch had been recorded as being founded in 1898, whereas it was founded the same year as Kansas City – 1893! So both sides of the state were the earliest branches to be created!!

The source document that revealed this discrepancy is a 498 page book written by Marion Talbot. It has a wealth of details about many of the activities carried out by the early branches and explains the relationship between the national organization and the branches. Of course, we were actually known as the Association of Collegiate Alumnae before 1921 – the pdf explains that history as well.

Here’s a link to a brief summary of the founding of AAUW in Missouri –

Here is the link to the 498 page full manuscript by Marion Talbot:

Here’s the link to a review of what AAUW early members did to contribute to the passage of the 19th Amendment – 


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