AAUW Independence MO – 2020 Centennial Project Receives Incentive Grant

The AAUW Independence MO Branch has been awarded $225 by the AAUW MO Board towards their project: “Centennial of Women’s Vote: Their FightOur Right.”  The Project Description is:
“The AAUW Independence Branch will carry out events to make the community aware of the movement that resulted in women having the right to vote and to celebrate the efforts of those who made that a reality. By doing so, our goal is to instill enthusiasm in women today to exercise their right to vote.
To that end, our plan includes the following activities:
*  Donate books and DVD’s on the suffrage movement to the three local high school libraries.
*  March in community parades carrying banners, wearing sashes and pins, distributing brochures, bookmarks and other information about women’s voting rights.
*  Host several viewings of the movie “Iron Jawed Angels” for our members and the community.
*  Highlight a number of women important in the suffrage movement at our branch’s February meeting program and invite other local AAUW branches and the community to attend.
*  Print information on women’s voting rights to be distributed at our annual book sale.
*  Submit articles about the history of women’s voting rights to local newspapers, our branch newsletter,Facebook and our web site.
*  Register new voters in various venues and distribute information on the women’s vote.

The Branch has encouraged others to feel free to use any or all their ideas!

Suffrage Timeline

This is a visual history of the suffrage movement. Explore the major milestones of the Suffrage Movement in this visual timeline — from within the first World Anti-Slavery Convention in 1840 through the Nineteenth Amendment, to the Constitution, granting women the right to vote on August 26, 1920.

http://www.suffragettes2020.com/timeline – Goes right to the timeline.

Women Leading the Way

Women Leading the Way is a groundbreaking community and storytelling project that celebrates remarkable women who inspired and shaped the women’s rights movement. Through research, portraits and essays, The Women Leading the Way  project encourages students to explore voting rights and the lessons of the movement, and to connect their family stories to history.

http://www.suffragettes2020.com/  – Great resource!

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