Missouri History Museum Exhibit “Beyond the Ballot: St. Louis and Suffrage”

From the museum’s website: “Women, often portrayed as secondary characters in the city’s formation, were actually key to the establishment, survival, and growth of St. Louis. ‘Beyond the Ballot: St. Louis and Suffrage’ will showcase women who made an impact in St. Louis before gaining the vote in 1920.  Through an engaging mix of artifacts, images, media, and interactives, ‘Beyond the Ballot’ will explore women’s unique roles in St. Louis history. One major element of the exhibit will trace the long history of the fight for woman’s suffrage in St. Louis and the events leading up to the passage of the 19th Amendment in 1920.  Exhibit runs from: 04/04/2020 – 08/15/2021 and both the exhibit and admission to the museum are free.



The event is finished.

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