Missouri Resources

Key Resources for the Centennial Celebration in Missouri

  • The Missouri Humanities Council is a great resource. Their beautiful Spring/Summer booklet is largely dedicated to the 100-year anniversary of women getting the vote. Download the .pdf version by clicking here. You can also request full-color copies by contacting Caitlin Yager, Director of Heritage Programs. She is very helpful and has a program that can be requested. (Small fee). Email caitlin@mohumanities.org or call 314.781.9660
  • The League of Women Voters MO has started the celebration already, as MO ratified the 19th Amendment in 1919, so this is the centennial of that signing. 2019 is also the League’s own 100-year anniversary. Go to their calendar.

There are many Leagues across the state. Find the one closest to you at: Find A LWV in Missouri

Of Further Interest

Current day women Missouri politicians reflect on the importance of the 19th Amendment, read about it here.

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